Rome, Part 1


So sorry it took me so long to post, but hey! better late then never, right? 😀
So I decided to split my experience into parts 🙂 today lets start with part 1 – things I regret doing / so happy I did / wish I did 🙂

The forums (it took us about 5 h., we got sunburned, but it was well worth it! but we really should have brought a snack :D)



Things I loved / would do again:
1) the place we stayed. We found this cute B&B on now truth be told it was quite nerve wracking to go to a different country and stay in a B&B. I suppose with a 4 star hotel I would have felt more secure, but the room was awesome and for Rome quite cheap. I think per night it was about 60 euros, and divided by two it was only 30. We got a small breakfast (pastry + probably the best coffee in Rome) and it only took as 15 minutes to walk to Colosseum!!  It was fun to start your days with that view 😉

Pantheon at evening was gorgeous, also there is something to be said about sitting in front of it, eating ice cream and listening to street musicians

2) go to forums on a weekday and buy Vatican tickets in advance and for a weekday as well. The longest queue we had to stand in was 15 minutes and that is not a queue 😀 If I remember correctly we choose Monday for forums and Thursday for Vatican, really good choice because there weren’t that many people there 🙂
3) Use <- awesome app/site for city breaks.

As silly as this sounds but I did fell very little and insignificant standing there and looking at ruins of buildings that where built thousands of years ago by people who are lost to history.

Things I regret
1) Not enough research on good places to eat. Beside the first day (restaurants near Colosseum – horrible and expensive) we did quite alright, but I still regret I didn’t do more research.
2) Did you know you can’t buy ticket on the actual buss and it needs to be bought ahead of time? Care to guess how I figured that out? 😀


Colosseum definitely looks better in pictures than in real life
Random street that we found when you feet where crying in pain and we just wanted to sit

Things I wish I though of:
1) All in all I’m quite happy with my trip, but the last day was a lot less fun because we had to change our hotel to one closer to the airport because the flight was at 6 a.m. That was horrible (baggage storage at the train station cost 12 euros per bag and took as about 1.5h, also staff was rude and just plain horrible). I would have rather taken an indirect flight.

If you are curious in total everything cost as about 600 euros per


View from the top of Castel Sant’Angelo

person 🙂 We spent 7 nights, aka 8 days in Rome. Plane tickets – 120 euros, hotels – 235 euros and food + attractions + little trinkets 245 euros 🙂






so this month was beyond busy 😀 I went to Rome and planned to write all about it with tips and insights and so on. However when I was on my holiday I was told that I will need to travel for work a few days after I returned, so then I had to rearrange my plans ASAP 😀 Yeah… 😀 I did return home today and I do plan to blog everything that happened and share my experience but please bear with me as I’m so tired today 🙂 My bed is calling me 😀 So see you soon 😛

Shopping trip part 2

Hi 🙂

Went shopping today and bought nothing 😀 again 😀 though I did find a few things that I think I will buy tomorrow 🙂 And after that I went to the gym and now I’m blissfully tired 🙂 Anyone else knows how nice it feels when you are tired after a good workout? Its awesome 🙂

On the other hand I’m trying my hardest to get over a crush 🙂 Its stupid because it will never go anywhere but I’m still crushing hard ;/ Tried to make a list of things I don’t like about him or things that would make me don’t like him, but no success. He is so sweet and polite… and charming… and smart… this is so bad ;/ I need serious help you guys ;( HELP!

Other then that it is was very uneventful day, sorry! hopefully tomorrow I will be able to tell you something more exciting.

See ya!

Shopping trip… yeah…

Hello random people 🙂

Today was depressing. So I went shopping, tried on clothes, saw myself in a bunch of mirrors…. now I want to crawl under a rock and never came out so that no one would have to suffer through looking at me….
So yeah 😀 The self deprecating feeling of being ugly doesn’t go way at 24 😀 I will get back to you when I’m 25, maybe that’s a magical number. Though I did spent a good part of they day planning how I’m going to name my cats, so I might not be the best person to talk about that 😀

On a brighter note I looked for luggage for my trip to Rome (ROME!!!!)  before I saw my reflection in the mirror 🙂 Did you know there are so many things to consider when buying luggage? So I need a carry on, but I’m thinking I need 4 wheels, so that is comfortable and easy to maneuver I also want something that is of good quality, but then it gets expensive… You know what I miss? High school 😀 Never thought I would say that, but I do 😀 It was so easy then (even if I didn’t realise that) I didn’t have to make any big life decisions, like right now I want to travel and see the world, but I also need an apartment to live in. I could buy it in about a year if I saved up (with a big loan, but chances are my monthly payments would equal rent, so not a big difference and seems like a smarter decission), but then no trips and so on for probably two years, because I will need money to renovate and buys furniture and so on. Being a grown up sucks big time! can I just go back to the time when my biggest problem was “which shirt looks best with this skirt?”

So that’s it for today 🙂 not much happened, felt depressed, decided I will die alone, realised I was being stupid, stopped being stupid and that is 😀 I will have to go shopping tomorrow, because I need new clothes desperately, but that’s tomorrows problem 😀

See ya!

Regular Day

Well hello 😛

So today was not that impressive. Went to work and then went to plan my upcoming trip with my friend 🙂 I’m going to ROME!!! How exiting is that? 😀 But I do need to go shopping before we go. I know what pants I want, so that means I wont find them and be annoyed 😀 so if you wander what I will talk about tomorrow its that 😀

The only exiting think that happened today was rain during lunch 😀 we (my coworkers and I) where at the old town when is started to rain and we didn’t have any umbrellas, so I got wet. But it was so fun, I had forgotten how fun it is to stand outside when its drizzling. You can look up and feel rain drops on your face 🙂

As for my trips plans, we checked in to your flight and did some chatting 🙂 I like her, she is a sweet girl, also I won as cards, so that is always a bonus in my book 😛 BTW, did you know tomorrow is international board games day (or something like it) its bad, because if I’m going shopping tomorrow and games are 50% off it will be tough on my wallet. But then again why not, right? I work hard and if I can legally buy something that will make happy why the hell not?

So as for today nothing to eventful, but see ya tomorrow 🙂 Hopefully I will be more interesting then 😛

Hello world!

Well hello there bored person 😛 You might not be bored, but for me I always start browsing random blogs or vlogs when I’m bored, aka didn’t manage to make any plans with actual living and breathing human beings. So… at least you are not alone! that’s not sad! right? whatever… I will just keep telling myself that it not and there is nothing you can do about that! 😀
I was in a mood today… let me tell you something, I am as emotional as girls can be and today I was extra emotional, care to guess if it ended well? 😀
When I started at my job (about six month ago) I promised myself I would be polite, nice and not get into any arguments, and that went out of the window in the first month 🙂 isn’t that always the case? 😀 Today over coffee my coworker (who is a female) spent good 20 minutes telling our other coworkers how women are horrible drivers and always need to be rescued by men. Personally I don’t think you are good at something because of your gender, but rather by actually being talented and working hard, but that is beside the point. I managed to keep quite and smile politely up until the end, but when it was just us two I lost it…. crap 😀 asked her why she thought so and she said it’s proven scientifically, then I asked if she could forward me those studies because I’m interested to read them and then she left… I blame myself 😀 You cant tell a grown up what to think! I’m 24 I should know that by now 😀 ahhhh….. but its fine, maybe I will shut up next time, right? 😀
But if I’m being honest it pissed me of so much. I hate people who think I’m stupid or bad at things simply because I’m a female. I think I will never forget an interview when my interviewer said “A female developer? Well I don’t know….. I suppose we could try it…. ” and its not like I didn’t have people ask me if I’m in a serious relationship or engaged. A very appropriate interview question, right? 😀 might as well ask if I’m pregnant 😀 that’s what they are getting at anyway. When I was contemplating offer from the company I work for now I even have it a plus because they didn’t ask or imply anything even remotely similar. How said is that?

Okay so enough for now 😀 keep the complaining to a minimum! <- My New Years resolution.

So random lost person, have you had any similar experiences? please share. Also if anyone has read those studies I actually do want to read them 😀 so if you have a link you know what to do 😛 Have a lovely day/evening/morning or whatever applies 😛

See ya!