Regular Day

Well hello 😛

So today was not that impressive. Went to work and then went to plan my upcoming trip with my friend 🙂 I’m going to ROME!!! How exiting is that? 😀 But I do need to go shopping before we go. I know what pants I want, so that means I wont find them and be annoyed 😀 so if you wander what I will talk about tomorrow its that 😀

The only exiting think that happened today was rain during lunch 😀 we (my coworkers and I) where at the old town when is started to rain and we didn’t have any umbrellas, so I got wet. But it was so fun, I had forgotten how fun it is to stand outside when its drizzling. You can look up and feel rain drops on your face 🙂

As for my trips plans, we checked in to your flight and did some chatting 🙂 I like her, she is a sweet girl, also I won as cards, so that is always a bonus in my book 😛 BTW, did you know tomorrow is international board games day (or something like it) its bad, because if I’m going shopping tomorrow and games are 50% off it will be tough on my wallet. But then again why not, right? I work hard and if I can legally buy something that will make happy why the hell not?

So as for today nothing to eventful, but see ya tomorrow 🙂 Hopefully I will be more interesting then 😛


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